Fr. Demetrios Carellas on the slaughter of innocents

 [Thoughts from Fr. Demetrios Carellas, Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery, Saxonburg, PA:]
My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am certain that all of you have been offering prayers for the
families of the 27 people, 20 of whom were children under the age of 8,
who were murdered this morning by a deranged young man who then took his
own life.  All over our Nation, leaders in the News Media and
Government, together with Religious superiors,  have been offering their
condemnation of this terrible crime; and calling for prayers and
support to be given to the family members of the slain.  Only God knows
the intensity of their pain — the fragmentation of their hearts!
While it is impossible to circumscribe with words the magnitude of
this tragedy,  I feel that these words of an Orthodox priest succinctly
describe a major cause of it:
is no such thing as a Cultural or Societal Vacuum. If there is the
absence of good, there will be the presence of evil. The sad truth is
that a society that thinks so little of life as to murder the unborn
does not have the moral cultivation to hold up life in any other stage
of its existence either.”
  Fr. David Sterry
Beloved sojourners on the sea of life, an average 3600 innocent children are murdered – legally and for profit – everyday in our Nation!  This crime against God has been going on for 40 years, and has resulted in the slaughter of over 55 million pre-born
– and occasionally, born – children.  Unfortunately, the silence – from
media, governmental and religious leaders – regarding this ungodly,
DAILY infanticide is deafening!

what about each one of us?  All of us expressed shock and horror at
what happened today in an elementary school in Connecticut.  I am sure
many of us shed tears.  Why do we not shed even more tears at the daily legalized murder of over 180 times more children than lost their lives today at that public school?  Why
do we not speak out against this despicable, sacrilegious, demonic
infanticide?  Why do we vote for people who champion a woman’s “right”
to hire a hit man (who poses as a physician) to kill her baby?

now, I humbly entreat you to join with me in begging our Lord to
embrace those departed souls, killed today, with His great mercy; and to
give His Divine compassion and support to their families.

just 10 days, we will again be given the opportunity to re-live the
awesome birth of “the newborn Child, the God before time.”  Let us
prepare the cave of our hearts to receive Him!

Your  unworthy servant in Christ Jesus,

+Papa Demetrios

One thought on “Fr. Demetrios Carellas on the slaughter of innocents

  1. Yes, I have been struck by the irony of our grief for beings who only seven or eight years ago would've been considered a “health care issue.” I asked this somewhere else: at what age does the death of a child become a tragedy?


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