Consolation of those in distress

First Steps
“O my
beloved Queen, my hope, O Mother of God, protector of orphans and
protector of those who are hurt, the savior of those who perish and the
consolation of all those who are in distress, you see my misery, you
see my sorrow and my loneliness.  Help me, I am powerless, give me
strength.  You know what I suffer, you know my grief – lend me your hand
because who else can be my hope but you, my protector and my
intercessor before God?  I have sinned before you and before all
people.  Be my Mother, my consoler, my helper.  Protect me and save me,
chase grief away from me, chase my lowness of heart and my despondency.  Help me, O Mother of God!”

Fr. Arseny
h/t Fr. Demetrios Carellas email

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