Tiny Crocheted Scallop Border Tutorial

This is a very simple border and it makes a beautiful and delicate edging on fabric items. The example shown will be an 8 inch miscarriage blanket.

Materials used in example:

1.  Double layer of flannel
2.  Chenille needle (large eye, sharp point)
2.  Light worsted yarn {3}
3.  Size D or E hook

1. If you’re using this as an edging on fabric, first stitch around the item using a blanket stitch. There is a good tutorial here.

Make your stitches about 1 cm apart.
2. To start, pick any stitch and insert your hook under it. Yarn over and pull through. Chain two. This counts as your first half-double crochet (hdc).
3. Hdc in the same stitch:
            a. YO, insert hook under stitch.
b.  YO, pull under stitch.
c. YO, pull through all three loops on hook.
4. Hdc three more times, total of 5 hdc in stitch.
5. Slip stitch (sl st) in next stitch:
a. Insert hook under next stitch.
b. YO and pull through loop on hook.
 6. Hdc five times in next stitch.
Repeat until all stitches used. Each scallop will be approximately 2 cm.
When turning a corner, just keep the pattern going.
Happy edging!

4 thoughts on “Tiny Crocheted Scallop Border Tutorial

  1. My grandmother taught me to do this years ago – it's about the only crocheting I do correctly. I was told my great-grandmother put an edge on everything, even her cotton panties – it was just the proper thing to do. 🙂


  2. I love this description from “Little Town on the Prairie”:

    “They had made four new petticoats for Mary, two of unbleached muslin, one of bleached muslin, and one of fine white cambric. Around the bottom of the fine cambric one, Laura had sewed with careful, tiny stitches the six yards of knitted lace that she had given Mary for Christmas. They had made for her two gray flannel petticoats and three red flannel union suits. Around the top of the petticoats' hems, Laura made a row of catch-stitching in bright, red yarn. It was pretty on the gray flannel. She back-stitched all the seams of the petticoats and the long red flannel union suits, and around the necks and the wrists of the long red sleeves she catch-stitched a trimming of blue yarn. She was using all the pretty yarns that had come in last winter's Christmas barrel, but she was glad to do it. Not one of the girls in college would have prettier underwear than Mary's.”


  3. I was just searching your blog for something else and saw this. My mom asked me to show her how to do it recently, and I tried and couldn't remember. Glad to find your tutorial again!


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