Miscellaneous Tidbits

1. The fast officially begins today although in a sense it started yesterday (being Wednesday). Suddenly all those vegan recipes on Pinterest start looking a lot better.

2. Duchess’s birthday is Saturday but we’ve been celebrating this week (because Father will be gone this weekend). She wanted an ice cream cake. She also wanted fried wontons and wonton soup. That was our last non-fasting meal on Tuesday. Pity we made so many – the cats aren’t fond of wontons.

3. The zinnias are about dead. I need to cut the last few blossoms and go ahead and pull the dead stuff and clean up the bed. It looks pretty sad now. I wonder if there will be any reseeding next year…? The white camellias are out in force on our two large bushes (trees). I will always have a fondness for them because they were the only flowers from the yard available when we buried Andrew and they looked perfect.

4. If anyone doesn’t want baklava for Christmas, speak now or forever hold your peace.

5. If anyone doubts that miracles still happen…don’t. I am still so incredibly happy about a dear friend’s miraculous improvement in health after venerating the relics of St. John Maximovitch. Glory to God!

6. Now that we’ve got an official metropolitan, maybe we’ll get a bishop of our own soon! LOL, we’ve felt like orphans since forever. Granted, it’s hard to fill the shoes of someone like Archbishop Dmitri of blessed memory.

7. I’d write more but I’ve just realized that my lunch of Triscuits and hummus is likely to wind up consuming the whole box/container if I don’t stop!

8. One more thing: I went past the train station a little while ago and snapped some photos of the “new” cars in their proper place:

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