Installation of Vintage Train Cars: Part I

I was in a shop downtown taking some baklava to parishioners who didn’t get any when one of them told me that they were about to install two more train cars in the train museum just a block away. I called home and told Father to get the kids ready and tore out of there. We rushed back (in the process I noticed Pickles was wearing short sleeves and shorts…and no coat!!*) and spent about an hour watching the activity. They were getting pallets put down to make a secure footing for everything and getting one of the two cranes in place. The other crane had had a flat tire and was somewhere down the interstate. That meant that by the time it got here and they got it in place it would be too late to move the train cars. We asked some of the policemen and they told us they would likely be moved between 9:30 and 10 in the morning so we’ll definitely be back. There were no other children down there as it was during school hours and I didn’t miss the opportunity to point out to the children how blessed they were to be homeschooled. It was all very exciting. We met several people there including an older man whose father worked on the railroad. He said that when they were kids they used to use his father’s free passes to ride one train down to New Orleans, spend the day, then ride the other one back. He said they did it every few months. We also met the mayor and his wife. The kids were more impressed with the first man, lol.

*Father ran home and got his coat.

One of the two cranes

We were part of a fairly exclusive crowd.

There they are!

Some people had a unique view…

Everyone was very excited.

Finally the crane started swinging into action.

Haha, more people with a great view. (That’s the mayor in the lower right corner.)

Town dignitaries.

There was a lot of moving pallets around.

This is a mail car built in 1917 (per the man who was standing there).

[Update: I heard today that it is only one of three left in existence.]

“Illinois Central: United States Mail Railway Post Office”

The one on the right is a passenger car built in 1880-something.

Is that something or what?

This looks like a “this way up” sign.

Notice there are no wheels on the cars.

Each car was on a trailer with 112 tires.

The caboose and the wrecker car were moved down the track to make room.

There are some of the wheels!

We were all entranced.

The moving of pallets continued.

I think these police officers were enjoying their duties down there.

Oops, didn’t realize this man could see me photographing him. Hm.

Our last view for this afternoon. Back in the morning…with hot chocolate!

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