The Greek Festival Begins…

I left the house this morning a little before 7 to put out our share of the signs (4). About twenty minutes later I got to the church and started working. I just sat down a little while ago. There were two trips back home, one to pick up the rest of the children and one to quickly print more labels for kourambiedes and get packing tape. I’m home again because I brought the boys home to get something to drink and unwind. They didn’t really have consistent jobs and they were getting antsy. I’ll take them back over in about an hour or so.

The energy level is very high! We have had a lot of traffic in so far, people slowing down in the street to see what’s going on, etc. There are currently at least 26 members of the church busy at work – a very nice level of participation. Several others were not able to be there but sent items or food. It’s busy and we’re still figuring a lot of things out (this is only the second year) but I think it’s going well and people are having fun. There is very much a festival atmosphere.

Here are some photos. I don’t have photos of the girls doing the table decorating because my hands were busy but I tried to get lots of other photos. It’s a gorgeous day, partly cloudy, breezy and 77 right now. Perfect.

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