Getting Ready for the Greek Festival…

So much work by everyone has gone into this. My part feels small! I baked baklava and koulourakia. The girls did most of the decorating. They’ll also be decorating the tables in the morning when they are set up.

94 pieces of baklava, 18 bags of koulourakia

some of the labels we’ll use tomorrow morning when the rest arrive

the mantle in the church hall

The girls wanted aprons. That’s what I did last night: six aprons…with pockets.

These will go on the porch pillars on the front porch.

The corner where the desserts will be sold. Room left for the rest.

Much of the hall looks like this right now.

A few people setting up. The vast majority of the set up will start in the morning.

I came home and cut MORE magnolia. I’ll take that and more camellias over first thing in the morning. The camellias will be put in mason jars with the screw part left on. Cute.

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