Recent (and current) Projects

While on our trip I worked on several small projects for these groups, You Are My Child and Calvin’s Hats. You may have seen the first set I made. The first thing pictured below, however, was a special request.

For the mom of a little boy named Matthew, 13 weeks.

He departed in 1970 and she never saw him.

She asked me to make a hat that would fit him. It fits on my thumb.

FINALLY finished my first knitted project, a dishcloth.

…or a washcloth. It’s all cotton.

Two matching ripple blankets, about 10 inches square.

The matching pouch, about 8 inches square. I haven’t put the lining or ribbons on yet.

The matching hats. (I may redo these…)

Two cross blankets (@11″ sq.) and one hat (thumb-sized). Still have a lot to do here.

Two blankets and two matching hats. Approximately the same sizes as the previous.

An unfinished cross blanket, the beginning of another set.

Multiple tiny hats made on our trip while trying to figure out how to make them.

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