Rerun: The Big Three Eight, or, How to Age Rapidly

  Hi! I’m out of town for a little while and am running some of my favorite posts, especially from the early days.

Originally published 10-5-10 [This is funny because a week ago I finally hit “the big three eight”.]

Father mentioned my birthday the other day (it’s not today, it’s tomorrow) and said, “Well, well! The big three-eight!”

I must have looked pretty startled.

M:  “I’m not going to be thirty-eight!”
F:  “How old are you going to be?”
M:  “Thirty-six!”
F:  “Are you sure?” (!)
M:  “Yes, I’m thirty-five about to turn thirty-six. My, my, my…someone’s forgotten how old I am!”
F:  “I guess I’ve been thinking I was thirty-seven all year…”
M:  “No, you’re thirty-six.”
M:  “Wait a minute, if you thought you were thirty-seven, how did I get to turn thirty-eight? You’re older than I am!”
(sidestepping the question)
F:  “Why, we’re young! I suddenly feel so young!”

One thought on “Rerun: The Big Three Eight, or, How to Age Rapidly

  1. I wasted 7 months of a year plagued by my age… I have a friend who is 7 months older than I am. Once her birthday comes in March, I begin the subconscious countdown until my own trip around the sun begins again. When I was 27 and she had her 28th birthday, I became profoundly depressed that I was running out of time and just like that, I began to tell people I was 28. It was completely accidental, a trick of my vanity addled mind. So October came and with it my dreaded birthday. I was actually fretting my birthday, until my sister (who is 356 days my junior) said, “27! I finally caught up to you!”
    Relief poured off me like water. I had the same response that your dear husband had, “I'm young again!” How funny!


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