Rerun: Preschooler Manners

  Hi! I’m out of town for a little while and am running some of my favorite posts, especially from the early days.

Originally published 6-25-10

“I burped Mommy….Mommy, I burped! Hey, Mommy? I BURPED!”


knows to say “excuse me” for any minor bodily offenses but sometimes he
wants to wait until someone (me) gives him a ‘look’ first so he can say
it with a rougish grin.  The thing is, if I’m doing something at the
time which doesn’t allow me to take full notice, he must bring it to my attention first, before getting a look, before saying “excuse me”.


though it feels like a losing game sometimes, I have always tried to
teach my children manners from an early age – like before they could
talk.  I guess that sounds a little crazy so let me explain.  When I
would hand the baby (not tiny infant, just old baby/young toddler only
saying “mama”) a cup or spoon or toy or whatever, I would say “thank
you” as I handed it to them, then say “you’re welcome”.  Children are
little copycats.  It doesn’t take long before they’re saying “thank you”
too.  Of course, sometimes it gets mixed up and you find the toddler
handing something to someone saying “thank you” and expecting them to
say “you’re welcome”.  It all gets straightened out in the end.

The next thing added is “please” (which dovetails nicely with “thank you”).  Eventually you have a toddler on your hands saying:

“May I have some more juice, please?”  (Note the “may I” as opposed to “can I” – pet peeve)

Love it.

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