General Updates

Some mild illness in the house but it seems to be heading out. Thank goodness. Hooray for popsicles!

I’ve added quite a number of inches to my crocheted rug. I just keep recycling old t-shirts. If they have holes or pain or stains or are otherwise not suitable for sending to the thrift store then I just cut them into strips and add them to the rug. Waste not, want not!

I’ve (mostly) done the seasonal clothing swap. Whew. It’s so exhausting. Fortunately there weren’t too many things that everyone needed once the dust had settled. I was able to get them from Walmart for the most part. Thanks to everyone for hand-me-downs!

Saturday is the feast commemorating the glorification of St. Innocent, Enlightener of North America. We remember baby Innocent on March 31st, the actual day of St. Innocent’s departing this life, but I remember him this day too since it was so close to his due date. Hard to believe he’d be walking now if he had been born at the right season. It’s also my 38th birthday, one I have not looked forward to.

An early birthday present from Father and the children was a pair of rocking chairs for the front porch. I spotted them at the used furniture store adjoining the thrift store when I dropped several bags off (fruits of the clothing sort-through) yesterday morning. I mentioned them in passing on the phone when Father called to remind me to get something at the grocery store. He then sneaked out with some of the children later and snagged them. (: They are in dire need of stripping and painting but I got a wire brush today to start the process. They’re quite sturdy and will be lovely when they’re fixed up. I’ve wanted a pair of rockers for the front porch for years so this was quite a nice surprise.

I think I’m going to buy paint stripper. This is going to take forever.

Underneath that icky cover the woven seat looks to be in good shape.

I’ve been working on a quilt, still in the piecing phase. Because I was so determined to use a particular few scraps, I made the squares only 2 inches (so 1 1/2 when pieced), smaller than I’ve ever done for a non-doll quilt. In retrospect this was a stupid decision. It’s going to take FOREVER. I’m thinking of ways to make it bigger without a huge amount of additional piecing. When I get it figured out I’ll post it.

We finally had some cool weather although today has been quite warm. At least the majority of the time the weather has been cool with only occasional hot days. It’s much better than weeks and weeks and months of over-95 temperatures. Father and I sat out on the porch in the rockers last night with cups of tea and enjoyed the air. Now, if only the leaves would turn. (Mostly this far south they just turn brown and hang on the trees until the spring leaves push them off. We rake in the spring.)

6 thoughts on “General Updates

  1. I don't know how you feel about “shabby chic” but I'd be tempted to clean them up and just do pretty cushions – the seats seem to be the worst. And happy birthday, Many Years!!


  2. There's not much to say on the chair update. Some scrubbing with a wire brush has taken place but that's all. Preparing for the trip and just getting the ordinary things done every day means that any heavy work will have to be done after we get back.


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