Repurposing a cotton mattress pad

So, the post promised earlier today. (:

As I mentioned, I have a very old cotton, quilted mattress pad that finally just bit the dust. Actually, it bit the dust a long time ago but I liked it so much I couldn’t give it up. The children gave me grief about it, especially when it wound up on their bed under their sheets. Ah well. I wonder how many times it’s been washed? Countless.

So, I have had it on my mind for a long time, wondering what to do about it when I finally gave in and took it out of circulation. A few days ago while changing linens I got it. It’s the perfect material to use for a changing pad. Yes, I know, I don’t have anyone to change on it. But, you never know and at least someone someday can get some use out of it. They sell these “organic” changing pads for quite a bundle. I figure this is pretty close to organic because it’s so old it doesn’t have anything but natural materials in it.

I forgot to take a picture before I started, but here’s the center part that was left when I cut out of it everything I wanted to use:

Yeah, pretty bad, I know.

Here’s a blurry (sorry) shot of what I started with for the mattress pads. I was able to make two very good sized ones by cutting rectangles off the ends. That way there was only one edge to bind.

And bound:

Before I get into the other things I did, I noticed that scraps of this made perfect mattresses for dollhouse beds. I made two.

So, for the rest, I cut out five nice squares to use for the interior portion of potholders!

I looked at material on my shelves (still love them!!!) and thought about what I wanted to use for the fronts and backs. I thought of trying to do everything from my scrap basket and that was a neat idea, but I kept thinking, I want to use something sturdy that will last. I looked around some more and then it hit me: those upholstery fabric samples I got at the thrift store! Oh boy!! There were two sizes of samples, the larger of which could be cut into quarters for the perfect potholder size. Better and better.

Would you look at how expensive these fabrics are? That’s per yard.

Because it sort of went with the color scheme I also used a fabric I found at the thrift store that was way too heavy to use for quilts or clothing. I centered the diamonds on the front and back, doing one green and one yellow.

I didn’t mix and match, I just went ahead and made the fronts and backs the same. I was determined to keep using things from my stash and not buy anything so I used some binding that I already had. It wasn’t ideal, but it was ok. I am not so good at binding.

Sparing you most of the sordid details (“fudging” may or may not have been involved), here are the finished potholders. I only made three tonight because I’m tired and figure that’s a pretty decent output for one evening.

I’m looking forward to tossing out my old potholders. Unless I think of a use for them…

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