What I’ve been working on…

I wanted to share the set I made for You are my Child.
I’ve sent photos to the owner to see if it’s ok before mailing it, but
just felt like sharing it here. It is to be part of a larger set given to parents of (in this case) a girl born at up to 16 weeks. It was so therapeutic to work on because
I thought of how much it would help another family to see their little
girl in something pretty. Most things are duplicated so that the baby can be buried with one and the other kept by the parents.

Two matching blankets (11 inches square)

Pouch (7 inches square)

(The baby is slipped feet-first into the pocket.)

(The ribbons are tied to wrap the baby.)

Two matching dolls (2 3/4 inches long – they have cloth diapers on underneath)

One doll could be placed next to the baby and the other kept with the parents.

The set

6 thoughts on “What I’ve been working on…

  1. Such a wonderful and kind thing to do to help grieving parents. I'm an Orthodox Christian who recently lost a child to miscarriage at 10 weeks. I had no idea anyone made such beautiful things in which to bury a child's remains. We washed our baby's body with Holy Water, anointed him with Holy Oil, and wrapped him in white cotton tied with white and baby blue ribbons. We put notes to our child in the tiny box, along with a cross. I love the blankets. So beautiful. Thank you for doing this for families whose babies died in the womb. It feels like we get so little support from people, and we need it.
    (Nicander Hieronymus – Memory Eternal)


  2. Anon, it sounds like you did a beautiful job under the circumstances. When we lost Innocent in April 2011 I buried him wrapped in a bit of blue fleece tied with a blue ribbon. We put him in a small jewelry box and I put a cross on top and an icon inside.

    Memory Eternal to little Nicander Hieronymus! (This must have been *very* recent because I remember singing his troparion in Vespers very recently. I'm so sorry. Sending you hugs.)


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