Percy Quin Dam [with updates]

[Saturday Update: The dam level has been lowered 2 1/2 feet, and there are other operations taking place. It is beginning to look like disaster may have been averted but we’re not in the clear yet. Thank you for your prayers.]

[UPDATE: It appears that they are doing a controlled release. I had not previously realized that this dam was an earthen one. You definitely don’t want water to overtop an earthen dam because the erosion is swift and terrible. As far as I am aware there have been no incidents with the release. They’re planning to let about 8 feet out.]

Well, my little town is suddenly achieving national importance. I’m going to be posting more on the storm here and on my other blog but I just wanted to ask everyone to say a prayer that the dam at Percy Quin State Park doesn’t go. They are evacuating about 50,000 people south of the dam (mostly Tangipahoa Parish in LA) because they thing it is about to fail. Officials downstream think it would flood them out and Officials in MS say they don’t think it will. It sounds very much like a replay of the Johnstown Flood to me. I hope the dam holds. A helicopter is monitoring it. As of this posting it is damaged, but still intact.


h/t to my sister who sent me this from Twitter

Update: Father just shared this video with me. The funny thing is, when they pull up a map and zoom in, they zoom in on New Orleans which is nowhere near the dam and can’t possibly be affected by it. Then, while the reporter is talking, they flash shots of devastation from the coast during the storm. I guess they needed something dramatic to show while talking about a possible dam failure. The last I’ve heard is that they’re going to try to do some controlled release of the water. (video not visible on reader)

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