Today’s goings on

Today has been a strange day. Mostly waiting because most things have been done. I’m working on finishing the laundry so we’ll have clean clothes to last us for a while if need be. Everyone is getting in the tub this afternoon too. I’ve made sure the children have played outside as much as possible because they’re going to have cabin fever soon enough (it only takes a few hours). I ran out to the store to get more milk (it is astonishing how fast we go through milk) and see if there was any bread left. Thank goodness, there was, and I got both. In addition I was surprised to see that they had jug water! I got four gallons. I felt silly getting that much but the truth is hurricane season is not anywhere near done and we may have more storms.

An overgrown kitten seems to have adopted us. Certainly, the children have adopted him. I think we already have enough cats and can’t see having another, especially since this one has a flea collar and is obviously domesticated and therefore someone’s cat. I’ve told the children to leave him alone so he’ll go home before the storm (he’s not coming in here) but it’s like telling Niagara Falls to ease up a bit so someone can walk underneath. He has been petted, played with, picked up and carried around, given string to chase, had a bed made out of the cushions on the porch, etc. He’s a very nice, healthy looking cat so I wish his owner would find him. There are quite a few cats in the neighborhood so I don’t know where to carry him and drop him off. I forbade the children to name him so they have taken to calling him “Kitty-Kitty”.

The weather is moderately hot, breezy and there are a number of cumulus clouds out there. I can see the first rain band heading for us on the radar and it should be here in a little over an hour. 

Yesterday I staked and tied the zinnias so I’d still have some flowers left for the Elevation of the Cross. They look silly, but better silly than uprooted and drowned. (Genevieve in her typical spot.)

A nice day right now, but it should start deteriorating soon. I’m so happy it’s windy. (:

[P.S. Don’t forget to enter the double giveaway if you haven’t done it!]

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