TS Isaac

True to my word I won’t be posting here about weather-related items. I am following closely the progress of TS Isaac on The Siren’s Call and anyone who is either a weather-nut or who is interested in my well-being can feel free to keep up with events there. I have a post going right now that I’m just updating here and there as events change. Current predictions are suggesting Isaac will be moving WNW and possibly making landfall between LA and AL around Tuesday evening. That means we may or may not be having Vespers that evening for the feast of the beheading of St. John the Forerunner. (For parishioners: Father will be sending out an email to cancel if need be.)

(I always wanted to be the person sent out to interview the storm.)

(I do not share the person-on-the-couch’s opinion of meteorologists, by the way. Obviously.)

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