Questions Answered

This is where I’m going to answer questions about the giveaway items so I don’t mess up the comment numbering by commenting myself.

1. (From Monica) “I do like those kitchen items, especially the oven mitt – I’ve been
looking at patterns to make them but wasn’t sure they’d really work to
protect. Is it 3 strands crocheted at a time?”

Well, first I should emphasize that this is a hot pad and not an oven mitt. Because it’s crocheted it would be veeerrryy easy to poke a finger through just a smidgen when pulling a hot pan out of the oven and get very burned and probably drop your delicious cheesecake all over the floor. People have probably crocheted oven mitts successfully, but for myself I plan to stick to the padded fabric ones, having some affection for the intact skin on my hands.

Second, it’s crocheted with super-chunky yarn. You see cute blankets, scarves and hats made out of this. It’s REALLY chunky. I also crocheted it using single crochet throughout to make it reasonably tight. I made one for myself some time ago and have used it without any problems with hot dishes/pots.

2. There have been a few questions about “following”. I think there are a few ways to follow.  

First (and easiest for most) is to look on the sidebar…yes, scroll down a bit…until you see “Brave Souls”. (c; That’s where followers are listed and if you were really trying to procrastinate doing your job you could actually click on the little “More” in orange and see a whole list of those brave souls. You could click “Join this Site” and it will open a window that lets you sign in in a variety of ways [Google (i.e. Blogger), Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Netlog and OpenID]. You can even create a sign-on if you want. Once you’re signed in (or if you’re already signed in) a window will open that says something like “Follow this site.” It gives you the option of doing it publicly (people can see that you follow it and the owner of the blog sees that you follow it) or anonymously (no one knows you follow but you and it doesn’t show up as a follower on that blog.) I follow several WordPress blogs but I had to create a sign on in WordPress to do it. I think it took all of about 20 seconds.

Second you can follow on Google Reader (or whatever your reader service is). I think you just copy the address and paste it into the appropriate place on your reader and go from there. It shows up on Google Reader as a follower but there are no names listed (like I checked and I have 182 followers on Google Reader but I have no idea who they are). If you follow the blog directly as in the option above, then you are automatically following it in Reader. I think.

Third, if you are on blogger and have a blog you see all of the blogs you are following on your dashboard under “Reading List”. There is an “Add” button below the heading “Reading List” and you can paste in the address of the blog you wish to follow. Since Blogger seems to have done away with the “Follow this blog” button at the top every Blogger blog (Grr…) I find this the easiest way to follow. The result is the same as the first option. I think.

Fourth, near the “Brave Souls” list there is also an option for following by RSS feed. This is the one I really don’t know much about. Anyone wishing to comment on that is welcome to do so.

So, follow however you like, but I can only “see” you if you follow the blog directly. (:

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