Double Giveaway!

First I thought I’d giveaway a set of my dishcloths/cleaning cloths/hot pads. Then I thought, why not offer a choice between two sets? THEN Father said, “why not give a first and second prize, the first prize gets to choose which one he/she wants?”

What a great idea.

SO, we are doing a DOUBLE GIVEAWAY. I’ll be using a random number generator to pick winners. The winner from the first “draw” will get the first choice of sets, the second winner will take the remaining one. (Don’t worry, they’re both nice.)

I guess I ought to actually show you what I’m giving away first!

Set #1 (Orange/White/Yellow)

Two cotton crocheted dishcloths

One chunky crocheted hot pad

Two knit/woven cleaning cloths

And all topped off with three button magnets.

Set #2 (Blue/Green)

This set includes exactly the same items as the set above.

Two knit/woven cleaning cloths

Three button magnets (they’re half-dollar size)

(The dishcloths can be seen better here.)

And now for the rules:

I’m making it very simple. All you have to do is leave one comment. Say how much you like the prizes. Say hello. Say anything.

For one additional entry leave another comment saying that you are a follower (or, alternately, become a follower and leave a comment saying that.

Each comment counts as one entry so be sure to put everything in separate comments!

winner will be chosen by random number selection at noon, CST on
September 1st, 2012. In the event that the first winner does not respond by September 8th, 2012, then the second winner will get first pick of the prizes and another random number drawing will be held and
an alternate second winner selected.

Note: I
will ship free of charge anywhere in the continental US or Canada unless
you are willing to pay for shipping somewhere else.

38 thoughts on “Double Giveaway!

  1. I do like those kitchen items, especially the oven mitt – I've been looking at patterns to make them but wasn't sure they'd really work to protect. Is it 3 strands crocheted at a time?


  2. Rats! I posted a second comment, but I forgot that I was supposed to mention that I'm a follower of your blog.

    Ok: I am a follower of your blog and I hope I don't have to make my own discloths because I've won one of your prizes!


  3. of course I want to enter the giveaway. I love seeing your handmade, love filled crafts. It makes me want to get out my knitting needles and make something for someone I love.


  4. OOh, I'm about to do my new kitchen in orange and yellow so I love that set. Although I have fiesta dishes in lots of colors, so actually both sets would match my dishes. But the yellow/orange match my appliances. And what lovely sets they are! Fun giveaway!

    Let's see if I can get past the robot tester…


  5. My name is Marian, from Louisville. I read your blog, and I love the beautiful things you create (especially the dollhouse! It's great!!) Thanks for the fun posts!


  6. Mat. Anna,
    I love the blue/green set! In reading the give away “rules” I realized that I've been reading your blog for so long – I have no idea if I'm an official “follower” or not! LOL! Your little corner here is just a part of my life… 🙂 Time for me to go check and see if I'm “official” or not. 🙂


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