11 thoughts on “How I feel about fitted sheets:

  1. ha, I sort of wad them up and then just smooth out the top so it looks like I folded it. Who can tell?

    I seriously failed the robot test 6 times trying to post this. And counting…

    oh my goodness, have you heard the audio thing? crazy!


  2. I can sort of fold them sort of neatly, and I'd rather use fitted than not, but then again, I only have one bed to do. (However, today I got to practice my technique *several* times as I discovered Mom had mixed twin and full sized sheets.)


  3. Laura, I've had the same thing happen over the last few days!!! I don't know what is up with word verification. If I didn't know for a fact that I'd be spammed to death I'd take it off. Grr…

    And I have noticed a problem with the fitted sheets directions: They don't take into account the sheets that have elastic ALL THE WAY AROUND. I can fold them just fine when there is just a little elastic at each corner, but when I have to deal with elastic all the way around (all the twin sheets are like that now…) I just sort of keep “folding it in half” until it's about the right size, then smooth it like Laura so it looks like it's folded. Whatever.


  4. Ha! Exactly how I feel! I have some double bed fitted sheets that have the elastic all the way around and I have given up trying to get them folded. The best I can do is some sort of wrinkly, smooshed-down clump.


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