Tying up Loose Ends

I have been thinking of starting a new quilt *gasp* but when I started going through the scrap basket to put the scraps in order of color (this really is helpful, btw) I found the pinned-together pieces of a doll quilt I had cut out last fall and never pieced. Oops. I pieced it together this afternoon, added a border, cut out some backing and batting and pinned it together. Now I can sit anywhere and hand-quilt it.

17″ x 20″ Backed with dimity cut from an old curtain, border from scraps of old cotton sheet.

I will probably never in my life manage to piece a quilt top such that the corners all line up. Oh well.

 I also found five blocks leftover from a blue/yellow/green scrap quilt I made
in May a year ago (and STILL haven’t quilted!). I had evidently
miscalculated and wound up with extra blocks. I decided to sew four
together in a square and turn the fifth into a pillow. All doll-sized,
of course. It too is just pieced, layered and pinned, but I can hand-quilt it when I get tired of doing the first one. The pillow just needs to be stuffed.

19″ x 19″ Backing pieced together from three pieces of scrap muslin.

pillow backed with scrap of old cotton sheet.

Slowly I am finishing up leftover projects! A few years ago a friend and I thought up a store we could do called “The Best of Intentions” in which we would finish other people’s projects that they had gotten thoroughly sick of. I still think that’s a good idea. Yesterday I finished ripping seams and turning a dress into a skirt for the taller girls and hemmed a skirt I made for myself a year ago. It’s good to be clearing it all out.


Finished in time for Christmas

3 thoughts on “Tying up Loose Ends

  1. Wish we lived closer, I would happily help you with your “best of intentions” I have a few of my own and have tried to vow to not buy any more craft things, and to just use my own. a hard promise to keep. when we were packing to move, i found log cabin quilt squares made by my grandmother, i just need to put them together into a quilt. I have bunches of her quilts already, I am thinking of making it for one of my brothers, if they would really take care of it. 🙂


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