Flopsy’s Dollhouse Tour

Thanks to LV who gave us a few more items for the dollhouse yesterday!! The girls were thrilled.

Here is a photo tour of the dollhouse. Flopsy arranged it all and I only moved one person who was blocking the view of a room – that was my total contribution (other than official photographer).

I like the lack of concern for the elements’ effect on the upholstery.

Note the “Southern Living”. The bunny is actually a decoration from Pascha.

Flopsy made all of the popsicle stick furniture and outbuildings.

garden shed (not much in it right now)

chicken coop (she made the chicken)

pig sty (she made the pig too)

The icon corner is next to the attic, hence the mess on the right.

All of the food you see she made as well.

There are no restrictions on who can live in the dollhouse.

10 thoughts on “Flopsy’s Dollhouse Tour

  1. Too cute for words – can't wait to show these to my mom, she's really the donor of a couple of things, not me. So happy the girls liked them. Gotta say, the rabbit reading SL might be my favorite thing. But it's really hard to have just one favorite thing, it's all so clever and sweet.


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