That’s not a human in there…



Same baby

I am very confused…

Canada’s doctors have decided that a human being doesn’t become a human being until after birth. “Delegates to the Canadian Medical Association’s annual general council
voted on the motion so as to prevent what they called a “backdoor”
attempt to reopen the abortion debate. They voted to pass, says a CMA report
on the meeting, “a resolution supporting the current wording of the
Criminal Code [currently under debate for rewording] which states that a child ‘becomes a human being within
the meaning of this Act when it has completely proceeded, in a living
state, from the body of its mother…’”

So what is it beforehand? A kitten? A Butterick pattern? Mysterious ectoplasm? The implications of this are quite something. This would mean that:

  1. Some human beings become human beings before others. (i.e. – “preemies”)
  2. All of the warnings on drugs and on cigarrettes and alcohol about not using them while pregnant are meaningless. No one cares what happens to ectoplasm.
  3. All of the advertising for baby items directed at pregnant women is
    false advertising because you can’t assume she will give birth to a
    human being. It might be a parakeet.
  4. Are babies who are stillborn never human (if one of the requirements to be human is to be alive)? And if not, what are they?
  5. By the same token, do you stop being human once you die? Do we then call into question all of the laws requiring corpses to be treated with dignity?
  6. If someone kidnaps a pregnant woman, the shock inducing her labor causing her to deliver a stillborn infant…is he guilty of anything other than kidnapping?

The list could go on and on.

These people are idiots, plain and simple.

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