Eve of the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God

 Flowers for the Feast

The flowers all came from our yard. The Lord provided just enough that I didn’t have to resort to using the red, orange and yellow flowers. He also provided a little blue in the form of the not-quite-dead-yet hydrangeas and salvia.

Being sick I was floating in another world and forgot (bows head in shame) about the flowers until Father reminded me this afternoon. In desperation I wound up using rectangles of oasis foam wrapped (except the top surface) in aluminum foil to put the flowers in. I wrapped a wide, white satin ribbon around the whole thing once it was in place to hide the foil a little better.

I was glad that despite my shameful forgetfulness I was able to provide something pretty for Panagia.

8 thoughts on “Eve of the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God

  1. Well, thank you, ladies, although it's undeserved! Laura, I would feel silly doing a tutorial because it's so simple, but maybe I'll put a post together just to show how simple it is. Kh. Patty, that's why I love zinnias – they're almost impossible to kill. I just tried to water them – that's it. They're the only flowers I've ever had do well consistently.


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