More Aprons from a Thrifted Dress

Remember that pink linen dress I found at the thrift store? I finally turned it into two aprons. I am not going to do a whole tutorial. Mostly because there was a lot of fudging.

Here it is. I cut about 18 inches off the length (which I couldn’t even get in the frame).

Gotta love 100% linen.

I split the sides (using scissors, not a seam ripper).


Trimmed some off the top and sides…

Wound up with something that looked like this. Only two somethings.

And turned it into this!

I used material from the set-in-side-seam pockets to make a pocket for each apron.

I trimmed one in blue and one in yellow. Sort of ‘sister’ aprons.

And here’s the whole thing. I made my own seam binding from the fabric using this tutorial.

6 thoughts on “More Aprons from a Thrifted Dress

  1. Great! One of these days you're going to push me over the edge and I'll finally get to know a sewing machine. I HAVE taken up hand sewing, though! Made a couple of small blankets for a gift. Hemmed some shorts. Gotta love those Youtube “how to” videos!


  2. You have! I'm dying to hand sew a quilt. I just don't really know where to start. Do I have to get the rotary cutter? Do I have to have a plan? What do you suggest? Are you completely hand sewing it or just hand quilting? Complicated patter or random patchwork?

    I like the feel of using my hands to do it more than just pushing out a product. But I can see where I'll possibly want to be faster down the road.


  3. Well, the quilt I'm sewing now (link: doesn't use a formal pattern. In other words, I just sketched it out on a piece of paper and roughed out some measurements, then just started cutting with plain old scissors. I machine pieced it (frankly, this is the part where it's nice to use a machine) and am hand-quilting it. This doll quilt was hand-pieced and hand quilted. That's a good way to start (small). (link: This baby quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted (link: This last quilt (full-size) was also machine pieced and quilted. I pieced it back when I didn't have a roller-cutter so you see it can be done. (link:


  4. Thanks for all the inspiration! I'll start one, one of these days! Now to just finish hemming those shorts that were going to be a Father's Day gift, then they were supposed to be a birthday gift. Now that's passed….


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