Fasting "3 Musketeers"

Yet another recipe I found on Pinterest and was dying to try. I found one that used Cool Whip but that I just couldn’t see how that would work. One of the comments on that post recommended marshmallow cream instead. Eureka! I hunted up a recipe that was essentially the same yet used marshmallow cream and it looked too good not to try. The trick in making this fasting is to use the right chocolate chips. In some parts of the country you can get vegan marshmallow cream, but this is not one of those parts. We don’t sweat gelatin at our house anyway (save your scandalized gasps – this is one of the rare times I actually give out a detail about our fasting regime).

It uses just THREE INGREDIENTS. Yes, you read that right. Here’s the link but I had to change the amounts so I might as well tell you what I used:

1 container marshmallow fluff (it was 9 ounces)
about 9 ounces chocolate chips (this is not an exact thing so don’t worry about getting it just right)
either more chocolate chips or ‘chocolate’ candy coating (either the wafers or bark)

Follow the directions in the link – it’s EASY. I used the microwave to melt the chocolate chips. I don’t have a double boiler and hate washing additional pots/pans. One hint: when you use a knife to cut the nougat into strips or squares, lightly oil the knife blade. I had no problems with sticking when I did this. I thought the nougat would wind up being hard and chewy, kind of like taffy or caramel, but it was surprisingly light and fluffy. It probably would have been a little too soft to hold its shape once it warmed up except for the fact that it ended up with candy coating surrounding it.

I couldn’t believe how much like a 3 Musketeers bar it turned out. The kids all taste-tested and liked it but when I asked for their assessment of how much it resembled the real thing I found out that only two really remembered what the real thing tasted like. *eye roll* I think they weren’t about to turn down free chocolate right before dinner came off the stove.

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