St. Herman of Alaska +1837

Today is the celebration of the glorification of St. Herman of Alaska (1970). He was the first saint to be glorified on the American continent and is called the “North Star” of the Church in America. His feastday is December 13, 1837 since he reposed on that day.

          Troparion (tone 7)
Joyful North Star of the Church of Christ,
Guiding all people to the Heavenly Kingdom;
Teacher and apostle of the True Faith;
Intercessor and defender of the oppressed;
Adornment of the Orthodox Church in America:
Blessed Father Herman of Alaska,
Pray to our Lord Jesus Christ
For the salvation of our souls! 
[Mat. Emily (Charming the Birds from the Trees) has a post containing children’s books about St. Herman and appropriate activities for his feastdays.]

2 thoughts on “St. Herman of Alaska +1837

  1. Thank you so much for this! I had no idea that last year, as i travelled to the Ketmai Peninsula, I would be leaving my sweet family behind to be so close to St. Herman's relics on his day of glorification.
    It was the hardest journey I have undergone and yet the most fulfilling. Now I understand more about it.

    Thanx again. – germanus+


  2. Welcome to the blog, Germanus! (: What a blessing that you were able to be so close to St. Herman's relics. At our parish we have a bit of earth from his grave that Father brought out for veneration along with St. Herman's icon yesterday.


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