Garden Tour

I’ve been watching over the flowers, hoping that enough make it to the feast of Dormition to be able to surround Panagia’s icon. If I had to do it today we’d be in good shape. Let’s hope they keep it up for another week. I decided to snap some photos while I was out looking.

We have quite a number of butterflies that hang around the zinnias but most few away 
when I brought out the camera.

The bees, however, were undeterred.

Some of the blossoms are quite large,

some quite small.

Genevieve likes to bump them with her nose. I tried to get a picture of her amongst them but she either wanted to wander off or get up next to me to be petted.

They do look quite cheerful.

I think they brighten up the back steps quite nicely.

(Genevieve is in her “guard” spot.)

And a portrait of Indiana, since he wanted nothing to do with the flowers:

The front beds were kind of messy since I didn’t realize some things would be so leggy and put them in the front. Plus, there were just some not-so-great combinations among them. I’ll have it figured out a little better for next year.

This is the shady side where I didn’t even try to grow flowers (although some seeds got in anyway). The ferns took over next to the steps but the hostas and caladiums did alright a little further away.

I don’t even know what this tiny flower is, but the blue is beautiful.

And this is one of the potted plants that I placed in the shady bed. I was given a few after Innocent died and managed to keep them alive through the winter. They were looking pitiful so I planted them with the other shade-loving plants and they perked up and put out new leaves.

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