Finally! Fabric and Yarn Organization!

You know that wonderful feeling you get when all of your books are out of boxes and fit on the shelves (possibly because you had to buy more) and you can see all of them and not have to hunt around through a box or think, did I lend that out?? Or maybe you don’t. Well, try to imagine.

Now apply that feeling to ME right now because I can see all of my fabric and yarn and not have to dig through boxes nor go up in the attic in the summer with a flashlight just to get a piece of pink fabric! Yay!

Father got me two bookcases from Walmart – the put it together yourself kind – for only $27 something each. It was worth it. I put one together yesterday evening and one this morning. I spent the afternoon getting everything down from the attic and sorting through it and then finally putting it on the shelves. I tried not to have things stacked up to the point that I couldn’t get to something conveniently. I would like to have more in the way of wire baskets for the yarn, but for now it’s fine. I was also able to move my sewing/crocheting/etc. books to one of the shelves.

8 thoughts on “Finally! Fabric and Yarn Organization!

  1. Part of me is jealous of your awesome craft storage, but the other part of me realizes that I would be refolding fabric twenty times a day every time Mishmish walked past if I tried this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah. To have older children. One day me too, inshallah.


  2. Haha, I was very careful NOT to take a before picture. It was awful! Trust me! Priest's wife, the sun doesn't directly shine on that part of the room, but I'll keep an eye on the light nonetheless. (I know the pictures make it look like it's in direct sun.)


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