Sewing Space, Fabric, Quilt Updates, Etc.

I’ve moaned about the lack of sewing space before. Um, probably several times. I’ve tried a few things but you just can’t create space out of nothing. I am REALLY wanting to have all of my fabric to hand instead of thinking, ok, now I need some pink. Hmm…which box in the attic was that pink gingham in? Following this I climb the ladder to the attic, taking a flashlight with me, and crawl around on my hands and knees over bags and boxes in 140 degree heat* looking for pink gingham. It’s amazing how cool and refreshing 98 degree heat feels when you’ve been in 140 degree heat for 20 minutes. I have more than one reason to look forward to fall (which begins in November).

I found this woman’s sewing/crafting room on Pinterest the other day. Drool.

Despite the lack of space, I have an inability to stop buying fabric. I don’t get brand-new bolts of fabric. No, I like remnants from the dollar basket at Walmart. I also love fabric I can find at the thrift store. I took Flopsy with me to make the rounds of the thrift stores (2) yesterday and scored two bags of fabric. One was all upholstery and drape samples. Fun! I can see some of these would be fun to use for reupholstering dollhouse furniture.

The little parrot print would be adorable made into tiny pillows for the dollhouse, one parrot each.

Added to some cute fabric I already have in the stash, this bundle of fabric gives me an idea for a quilt for a baby girl.

I mean, can’t you just see some squares with these retro bows in them? (They come in multiple colors.)

A little off topic, but I found a 100% linen sheath dress in pink that will be turning into 2 aprons at some point. Good, because I need pink aprons to match some of my cleaning cloth/dishcloth/hot pad sets.

And an update on the little trees quilt. I have to quilt 11 of the remaining dark squares at the junctions of the pale green stripes and quilt all but one of the pale green stripes. And do the border. And bind it.

I’m hoping it will look “charmingly imperfect” rather than just imperfect.

This photo chops off almost all of the border but you get the idea. 

(I also found some yarn at close-out prices at Walmart the other day…Hmm…)

*I looked this up after I typed it. Actually, the temperature may be closer to 150 degrees.

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