Baptismal Candles

Father and I were godparents last Saturday at an adult baptism in Alabama. I made the candles last week. I tried to “fancy them up” since it was going to be at a Greek church and they are always over-the-top for baptisms. I didn’t exactly succeed in terms of making them just like the Greeks do, but I would have had to invest in substantially more tulle and ribbon for that. Just for fun I looked them up online and was SHOCKED at the prices. Gracious!! I should go into business because I could never bring myself to charge $150.00 for a single candle even if it did have miniature sailboats floating on the tulle.

[This post brought to you by the Glue Gun Foundation.]

10 thoughts on “Baptismal Candles

  1. You definitely could go into business. If you do, here's a variation. My daughter's Greek nouna took squares of a damask material, gathered it near the top, and attached it under the ribbon and tulle. I'm not sure if it was just intended to look fancier by hiding your hand, but it does have the practical effect of protecting from dripping wax.


  2. Maria, that may indeed be the practical application. I have had wax drip on my hands on more than one occasion. I noticed that a lot of the Greek candles looked like THEY were the ones wearing the christening gowns, lol!


  3. We will treasure them always!

    Yeah, I've heard some people go ALL OUT for baptisms. Like have invitations they send out and big receptions and everything. I think we've started a family tradition of a pizza party reception, since we did that for Micah's and ours!


  4. In Greece baptisms are like North American weddings and weddings are like American celebrity weddings. Everything is over the top.

    When my husband saw wedding planners bringing pillars with fish swimming inside and rolling out red carpets in the church to set up for a wedding was the day we finally understood just how “all out” some Greeks go.


  5. Mat. Anna, they look beautiful! May you all be blessed.

    As far as how “Greeks” are “over the top.” I like to think of it as, we understand that there is so much tragedy and sadness in this life, that when it's time to celebrate something, anything, do it BIG. Now, if it involves being joyful for Christ, it gets even bigger! Come together, be together and support each other, in all times, make some memories.

    Once again, many blessings!


  6. Whether it's over the top or not, it's endearing. (: We were serving at a Greek Orthodox church several years ago when My Big Fat Greek Wedding came out. We loved it because it was on the money! Everyone at the church loved it too.


  7. Gorgeous job! Many Years to the Newly Illumined, they are well blessed in the Godparent department.
    I giggled at the over the top comments – a lot of tulle makes everything more awesome 🙂


  8. May God grant Brittany and her husband many years!!! The candles are lovely, gorgeous job, Mat. Anna!
    Aww..the Greeks, they do know how to celebrate an occasion 🙂
    Anastasia M.


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