Toy Nostalgia

 I suddenly got nostalgic for toys I played with as a child. Remember the cash register? I loved how the coins rolled down the little change chute. Just like TG&Y.

I had completely forgotten about the McDonald’s toy until I bumped into it while looking for something else. I adored this! Remember how the trays fit under their chins? I would love to let my children play with this. (When I was done with it…)

I know you have to remember the Tree Tots Tree House! I loved anything resembling a doll house and this was wonderful because it was in a tree and had an elevator. For some reason the pop-up canopy was nifty too.

And the movie viewer!!! Remember? You put the cassette in and turned the crank on the side. I remember one with Donald Duck and a haunted house. The great thing was being able to turn the crank backward and watching it in reverse. Or slow motion. Over and over.

What toys do you wish you had again?

6 thoughts on “Toy Nostalgia

  1. I loved our play McDonald's! And the cash register was HOURS of entertainment for me. I loved feeding the coins in the slots and watching them roll back out. I wish we had kept some of our old toys for our little guy, but some of the toys he has are so awesome, I wish we had them growing up!


  2. This is funny – these are toys from my child's past, not mine. I do still have some very vintage Barbie items (the dolls are in rough shape, but those late 50's/early 60's clothes are still great!) I guess if I could have any toy back, it would be a little kitchen from about 1954, white metal with red trim. Inside the refrigerator door was a cardboard sheet printed to look like food. And I miss some dolls.


  3. I had an awesome collection of legos, matchbox cars, airplanes and space ships that would be great to have around, if for no other reason to than to pass them along. I also remember a little toy man I had that rode on a little toy motorcycle. The man came with a parachute on his back such that you could toss him into the air and he would glide gracefully back down. But the odd thing was the motorcycle, which for some reason smelled *exactly* like white chocolate. I still haven't figured that one out.


  4. Oh Father! When my son was little I briefly dated a nice young man who was always offering to tidy up my son's room. That seemed odd, until I discovered he was in there playing with the matchbox cars.


  5. I loved my Fisher-Price kitchen, complete with phone, sink, stove, microwave, fold-out table , and, of course, plastic “food”. It was amazing. I was probably about 12 when my mom said it was time to pass it on to someone younger — even then, part of me wanted to keep it. Funnily enough, despite the fact that I loved playing “kitchen”, I haven't turned into the greatest cook …. (What can I say? Plastic food doesn't burn!)

    — Valja


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