Poll Results and Other Interesting Things

Hey! Still alive! Curiosity didn’t kill this cat yet. I thought y’all would be interested in the results of the poll:

Because it’s a little hard to see (and I lacked the HTML skills to change the ‘white on pale green’ printing) I’ll reproduce it in order of percentage:

Orthodox –57 (79%)
Roman Catholic –6 (8%)
Protestant –5 (6%)
Non-Denominational –2 (2%)
Eastern Catholic –1 (1%)
Atheist/Agnostic –1 (1%)  [Gah!! Just noticed I misspelled “atheist” on the poll!! Blast.]
Non-Christian –0

Wow! I’m somewhat surprised that 21% of you are non-Orthodox and still hang around enough to feel like participating in an obnoxious poll. (: Kudos* to you! Watch out, I may decide that this was interesting enough to repeat in 6 months to a year to see if it’s changed. Sort of a low-budget, lazy science fair project without the proper “experiment on human subjects” paperwork completed.

*It suddenly occurred to me to wonder what the origin of the word “kudos” was. Haha:

1825–35;  irregular transliteration of Greek kŷdos

In the 19th century, kudos 1  entered English as a singular noun, a transliteration of a Greek singular noun kŷdos  meaning “praise or renown.” It was at first used largely in academic circles, but it gained wider currency in the 1920s in journalistic use, particularly in headlines: Playwright receives kudos. Kudos given to track record breakers. Kudos  is often used, as in these examples, in contexts that do not clearly indicate whether it is singular or plural; and because it ends in -s,  the marker of regular plurals in English, kudos  has come to be widely regarded and used as a plural noun meaning “accolades” rather than as a singular mass noun meaning “honor or glory.” (source)

 It’s Greek! Hilarious! But after all, isn’t everything of Greek origin? “Give me a word…any word…”

10 thoughts on “Poll Results and Other Interesting Things

  1. Hi! I'm one of the 5 protestants (Lutheran). I think God led me to your site because I've had two miscarriages. Most people don't understand that I miss my two 'babies'.
    Joan from Pittsburgh


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