Little Trees Quilt [updated]

I’m working on this quilt for a friend expecting a baby in November. Let’s hope it’s done by then. (: I asked her if she wanted something quilted or crocheted and she chose a quilt. The only other thing she said was that she liked green. I had seen some quilts with little trees on Pinterest and loved them. (Thanks, Laura!!)

Rather than cut the trees from one piece of fabric I thought it would be more fun (and thrifty) to use strip quilting. The squares are pieced but that’s about it at this point. I laid them out on the material I’m going to use for sashing and popped some darker squares at the corners. Naturally, the whole thing, when pieced together, will look a little more finished. I just wanted to get an idea of how it was going to look. I think I may do the border and backing in unbleached muslin. All of the pieces are cut from scraps, the white is from an old cotton sheet and the pale blue-green (the sashing) is hand-me-down fabric. It has been fun using what I have and making sure there weren’t too many straight lines. When I hand-quilt it I’m going to do it in contrasting thread for a homey look.

[Update: Today I sewed the quilt top (minus the border). I can’t wait to get the muslin to do the border and backing and get the batting so I can start quilting it!]

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