Comments and Spam

Quick housekeeping post to say that I’ve had to turn word verification back on comments. Because I allow anonymous comments I have been deluged by spammers. I hadn’t realized it because the new blog format doesn’t actually give a number next to the word “spam” in the comment section. I happened to click on it today and there were a few hundred. Also, four non-spam comments (one from back in March) were stuck in there too; I have no idea why. I’ll make it a point to check it more often (for mistaken spam) but I’m going to turn the word verification back on and see if that helps. Something that may help that I figured out: you don’t have to type the number in the photograph. I have no idea why it’s there, but it seems to be a red herring. The word is the only thing you have to worry about and I am suspecting it lets you through if you get most of the letters right because I’ve only had one ever rejected. Let me know if this is simply too much of a hassle and maybe I can figure something else out. (: I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments so I hate to make it harder for people to do so.

2 thoughts on “Comments and Spam

  1. I get those word verification things wrong all the time! It's funny to me how bad I am at those.

    But still – I had to turn on word verification and STILL moderate comments because the spam is so bad.

    So no worries! I think its the way to go.


  2. A necessary hassle, unfortunately. I have it on on my blogs, too. It's the only way to eliminate the spam. My word for this comment is “placksom”. Sounds like a good word. Wrong spelling, but could be assumed to be the description of one before their dental cleaning. 😉


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