And so the saga ends…

The raccoon saga, that is. We set a trap last night but the clever thing walked in and out first with a banana and then with half a peanut butter sandwich. I came up with another idea for how to rig it so the raccoon would actually trigger the release but decided not to do it until today because I figured it was full. (: On the other hand, Genevieve got caught twice – with no food in the trap. Once, ok; twice…that is a stupid cat.

I rigged it up this afternoon and we waited. It had started coming out in the middle of the day so I figured we wouldn’t have to wait until dusk. Around four I heard shrieks from the children. The raccoon had been caught. I looked out the door at it and immediately felt terrible. I hate seeing animals scared. I wish it had occurred to me to put a dish of water in the trap before it was set. There was no helping it now. We moved the trap to the shade and started making arrangements to take it out to the country. Father and Duchess are gone now with it, heading out of town. Father said he hoped it didn’t have a homing instinct and make it back home before they did. Now I guess we see if it truly was a lone ranger. I’m concerned it had kits under the house. If that’s the case then they’ll wander out. I’ve rescued other orphaned animals before but we’ll contact a wildlife rehabilitator if that happens. Here are the photos [warning: pathetic looks]:

3 thoughts on “And so the saga ends…

  1. This was hilarious! It was so much like a Bailey White short story. So incredibly southern and the funniest part was that your sweet cat got trapped twice. I laughed out loud. If you wrote this from the beginning of the saga it's publishable beyond your blog. He's pitiful but boy, that was so funny.


  2. The good news is we haven't seen any kits. The bad news is that a possum moved in after the raccoon left so we have another cat food bandit. Possums are so stupid (especially compared to raccoons) that it hardly seems worth setting a trap. And they'll only bite if you pick them up (like you would). Generally they either scurry for cover or play dead.


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