More Utility Cloths!

 You remember the cleaning cloths I made a while ago? I decided it was fun and a good excuse to use whimsical fabric. Plus, they’re so small that it takes no time at all and is instant gratification. (: I hunted around in my stash for nifty fabrics that might go together and hit the thrift stores for fabric. They sell almost no fabric, of course, but they have an awful lot of clothing. One thing I realized is that pj pants are a fantastic source of lint-free, soft, flannel-y cloth in whimsical prints. I haven’t measured the yardage, but it’s not too shabby. I also found knit shirts to cut up for the knit side.

Once I made a couple it occurred to me that it would be oh-so-easy to crochet a few dishcloths in coordinating colors. I had been wanting to use some cotton yarn and that’s what you need for dishcloths! Naturally, once I got to the point of doing dishcloths I realized the super-bulky yarn I had in stash was perfect for hot pads. No, I never get carried away; I don’t know what you’re talking about.

The monkeys were simply too cute. (: I had to build a set around them. this one went to my sister for her birthday:

Since then I’ve been sewing a little, crocheting a little, and putting together more sets. The following one is not complete because it needs the dishcloths and one of the cleaning cloths is still in its raw state. It looks very fourth-of-July-y. 

This was another set built around the fabric (which is not yet sewn). It looks slightly washed out in this picture but you can still see it. I found it on the super-clearance rack at Walmart. They have a lot of cute prints that lend themselves to old-fashioned style cleaning cloths. The flower print in the above picture came from that rack and the stripe was in the remnants bin.

The top cloth is actually sewn but you can’t tell in this picture. the blue print is actually knit, cut from a shirt we were going to discard. No dishcloths yet.

I am in love with this orange set which is odd because I don’t really like orange! It just looks so cheerful. The flower print was from the discount rack at Walmart and the paisley is from a men’s shirt from the thrift store. I’ve had a lot of fun choosing bits of ribbon to sew across the corners.

The following is not in any completed state at all – it’s just thrown together. The monkeys make a come-back here. 

The doggy print came from pj pants and the knit was from a shirt. The little dotted “ribbon” is actually from the tie on the pants. I have only one person in mind for the dogs. I wonder if she’ll figure out who she is…

At this point this is just a set of two cleaning cloths. The flowered print is from a house coat from the thrift store. I am very limited in the hot pads I can make right now because the yarn color palette itself is so limited. I need to find some bulky yarns from someone who makes other colors. Like pink, for instance.

These are so easy to make and put together. The pattern for the hot pads is very simple: single crochet a square and weave in your ends. That’s it. The dishcloth pattern is here, but it’s simple too: alternating slip stitch and half double crochet, making sure the stitches line up as the rows build. I inserted stripes as the spirit moved me.

7 thoughts on “More Utility Cloths!

  1. I love these! you could totally sell sets of them for wedding/ baby gifts at a craft fair.

    I have knit dishcloths, and they always get stretched out after many uses. I wonder how that would go if there was fabric attached to the back. hmmm. Let me know how yours hold up and I may be making some for christmas presents.


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