6 thoughts on “"Hello, my religion is ________."

  1. Mine wasn't listed as an option – I am actually Messianic. Have you even heard of that? 😛 Most people haven't…although it is much bigger in the States than here in Canada.



  2. Well, I know that the Messianic movement varies from one to another (for instance, some are Trinitarian, some are not) so depending on your beliefs you would either consider yourself “non-Christian” if Jewish or non-Trinitarian, or Protestant if Trinitarian. The Seventh Day Adventists seem closest to the Messianic Jews from what I can see.


  3. Since you said you were curious about your readers, I thought I should say hello. Hello! I found your blog via Pithless Thoughts a while ago and really enjoy your sense of humor. 🙂 Oh, I voted too (My husband and I are Orthodox as of Lazarus Saturday this year).

    — Valja (your [expat American] visitor from Norway)


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