Goals for the day:

1. Finish the puzzle. (The sky is being a bugger.) [worked on puzzle]
2. Crochet two one more dish cloths and a hot pad.
3. Not snap anyone’s head off. [Um, I don’t think I lost my temper too much...]
4. Say the Jesus Prayer instead of comparing myself to others. [Tried.]
5. Cut a vase-full of fresh flowers. (They need trimming anyway.)
6. Speaking of trimming, giving Pickles a haircut.
7. Dust the LR/DR.
8. Mop kitchen.
9. Play one board game with children. [Tutorial in rice crispy treats instead.]
10. Ride five miles on stationary bike. [Oh well…I mopped on hands and knees, does that count?]

Words for the day:

“Someone who bears a grudge while he prays is like a person who sows
in the sea and expects to reap a harvest.”

—St. Isaac The Syrian

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