Prayer Request Updates

Dmetra, the young woman with ovarian cancer: The pathology showed stage I cancer! She’ll be receiving chemotherapy and the prognosis is very good.

Because not everyone will realize the extent to which this is somewhat miraculous, let me explain (my background is gynecological oncology). Ovarian cancer (called “the silent killer”) is the second most common gynecological cancer and the deadliest. Most ovarian cancers are not diagnosed until stage III or IV because it presents with such non-specific symptoms in the early stages. Only about 15% of ovarian cancers are diagnosed at stage I and the five-year survival rate at that stage is over 90%. Once it spreads, however, the survival rate drops dramatically. Here is a link to a list of symptoms.

Noah, the child with mitochondrial disease: The Medicaid crisis is not over but many steps have been taken to minimize its impact on Noah. Thanks to a large effort a hospital bed was found on Craigslist, purchased and set up an hour before Noah’s original bed was taken away. Private nursing is also in the process of being set up. Thank you for your prayers for this little boy and his sweet family. While it is acknowledged that mitochondrial disease is ultimately fatal, providing comfort is a priority. Not having a hospital bed or adequate nursing and supplies hardly contributes to his comfort. I think the Medicaid doctor in SC is insane but thankfully the prayers of thousands of people have been answered and others are stepping in to fill the gaps.

Thank you for your continued prayers for these brave people.

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