Polka-Dot Aprons

 While Father was gone I took the children to the thrift stores in town. I was keeping an eye out for cute cotton cloth disguising itself as clothing. This fullish skirt caught my eye but I just didn’t want to cut it up into scraps so I passed it by. I didn’t consider getting it to wear because this is the sort of skirt that makes me look like an upside-down mushroom, lacking only the garden gnome. On the way to the register it occurred to me that it was absolutely perfect for something else though:

Aprons! Two to be exact. I figured I’d just have to find contrasting fabric for the ties but then I realized that there was matching lining. Now, aprons don’t need lining! I cut that lining out and into strips and made four ties. I cut the skirt down both of the side seams, removing the zipper. Then I hemmed the sides and inserted the apron ties in the open waistband before sewing it closed. (I admit this was a bit of a sloppy job – the designers clearly didn’t have me and my aprons in mind when they designed the skirt.)

It resulted in two darling, retro-like aprons!

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