Our Masked Bandit

 We’ve known for a while we have a guest under the house. He (probably she) comes out in the evening, and sometimes in broad daylight, and has a nice lunch off the cats’ food. Naturally she must wash everything in the cats’ water bowl. This explains why the water is always splashed around and filthy in the morning. She doesn’t bother the cats at all and they’re so used to her now that they don’t even pay much attention when she comes around. Some guard cats.

“munch, munch, munch…”

“Hey, there are six people watching me eat!”

“Oh well…back to the meal…”

“What are they doing? How rude.”

“No point in not eating though.”

“After all, the cat doesn’t care, why should they?”

Father doesn’t find her nearly as fascinating as the rest of us do. He’s ready to have her packed off somewhere else. I won’t have her moved while she’s probably tending a nest of babies though. And the children have enjoyed getting to see a raccoon up close.

4 thoughts on “Our Masked Bandit

  1. Cute story! We had some raccoon babies turn up on our driveway one day. Cutest things, but so scared. They were gone pretty quickly, so I might've never known about them had I not gotten a glimpse of them.


  2. Something gets under my house – probably a cat, but could be racoons or possums. The dog goes nuts – she tried to dig up the bathroom floor in the “wee sma” a couple of nights recently!


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