So many projects…

I’ve done what I always do: get in the middle of too many projects. Let’s see…

1. crocheted plarn rug (hard on the hands – set it aside for a little while because it wasn’t pressing)
2. crocheted rag rug (cut from old t-shirts – just waiting for more t-shirts)
3. crocheted and fabric-backed blanket for baby coming Monday (crochet is done and blocking, fabric in wash right now)
4. various (unnamed) projects for people with June birthdays (have all materials, gotta get started)

My corner of the room is looking crowded. On the other hand, having this much to do (in addition to the usual cooking/cleaning/breaking up fights/etc.) is good because it keeps me from dwelling too much on Andrew’s due date Monday. Since he was going to come a week early he would have been born earlier this week but those dates never seemed as real as June 4th. Oh well…

I’ll update on projects as I get them done (or at least have a general update with pictures once I’m a little farther into some things).

4 thoughts on “So many projects…

  1. Prayers for you, Mat. Anna! What a difficult time this must be. (And what a blessing to have such good hobbies…I only really took up crocheting and other yarn crafts in earnest (after learning a bit when I was a kid) while trying to work through a particularly stressful time some years back, and have found it therapeutic ever since. Again, prayers!!)


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