Cleaning Cloths and a "Found" Hanger

 I have seen several examples of people sewing pretty cleaning cloths from fabric scraps, even one example of someone making a reusable towel roll (looks just like a roll of paper towels but made of snap-together cloths). My rags look like rags. You know, the size 2T undershirts, the scraps of a towel that had eight holes in it before you gave up, dish cloths that had had it. After enough views I decided I had had enough. I had fabric (too much really, but does anyone really have too much?) and, at least for this purpose, a few t-shirts leftover from my hospital days. Let’s face it; I don’t wear big, boxy, t-shirts with logos for anything but washing the car. Knit that has been washed several times is almost lint-free and absorbent.

I rummaged through my fabric and grabbed some remnants. I cut out reasonable size squares/rectangles (The shape of the remnant dictated the size – who said they all have to be the same? Sometimes smaller is better.) and cut out matching squares/rectangles from the logo-free parts of the t-shirts. I stitched around the perimeter, right sides together, leaving a three to four inch gap. Then I trimmed the excess, turned it inside out, and zig-zagged around the perimeter, catching the gap as I went. Voila! Pretty cleaning cloths!

While I was outside doing the photo session Father was cutting the grass. Between the clothesline and the stick pile he came across this little item in the grass:

I had no idea what it was, but I knew exactly what I would use it for: 

That, of course, meant that I had to make some slight adjustments to my cloths:

I sewed bits of rickrack or seam binding (I’m not doing any more work than I have to) across one corner of each cloth, trying to make it sort-of match. I mostly succeeded.

Now, just to hang them up…

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