New-Martyr Aquilina

 I was told about St. Aquilina* while I was on my retreat including the news that her relics had been finally found. When only 18 she was tortured and beaten to death by the Muslims on September 27, 1764 after having steadfastly refused to renounce Christ. Her relics were hidden to avoid defilement by the Muslims and were only located very recently. According to my spiritual father, this past winter when the snow was falling and covering the ground a rectangular patch (unmarked) in a cemetery was left completely dry. Investigation revealed the relics. A church built in her honor is in her village of Zagliveri, Greece. For a full story of her life and martyrdom (very worth reading!) see an article on Full of Grace and Truth, and for a news article in Greek (with photos) of the celebration of her relics this past Tuesday see here.

 Holy New-Martyr Aquilina pray to God for us!

h/t Fr. Benedict

*also “Akylina” or “Angelina”

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