Children’s Coloring Books from Potamitis Publishing

I was thrilled just now to find these books! We were looking at the site for St. Tikhon’s Seminary Press for children’s books (more on that in a second*) and found a wealth of coloring books. My children (probably like most) love to color and need no encouragement in that quarter. What is interesting about these books is the sheer number and variety. There are short explanations/lives in both Greek and English.

They have a book for every month (according to the Synaxarion) and additional months for Christmas, Great Lent, Holy Week, Pascha, Pentecostarion and Feasts. We’re ordering the book for June:

They also have a Western Saints series with books for saints from England, Ireland and Alaska.

There are a few books on the holy new-martyrs and one on the Holy Apostles.

My boys will have a fit when they see these books on the warrior saints!

Additionally there are coloring books on the creed, the life of Christ and the life of the Theotokos as well as multiple activity books for various seasons of the church year. They offer hard-back books too, not just coloring books, some of which we have and some of which I’d like to order.

*This coming homeschool year I want to do a better job making an organized effort to assign lives-of-saints reading and other age-appropriate Orthodox reading. I have gone through the books that we have and noticed that we need to augment our lifes-of-saints for the middle grades. I may feature some of our favorite books in a coming post. Naturally, the books above are all coloring books and not what I had in mind for serious reading, but there’s nothing wrong with coloring and the price is hard to beat!

4 thoughts on “Children’s Coloring Books from Potamitis Publishing

  1. Thanks for the (upcoming/in development) Orthodox books page. That's one area where I'm starting to focus on developing our home library, especially after my 10-year-old's recent plea: “Mom, I need new books to read (she's read everything here several times…) that are harder; these books are too easy and I get through them too quickly.”

    She reads at a level several years ahead of her age, so the trick is to find engaging material that challenges her but stays with content “safe” for her age level…not easy to do.

    Also, a question: when the icon coloring books have outlived their usefulness in the home, how does one properly dispose of them?

    (another) Elizabeth


  2. As far as what we were going to do with our books, I was planning on putting them (in order) in a binder. This would be an incentive for them to do a neat job too. That way, they kids have their own synaxarion.

    Can I suggest “The Mysterious Benedict Society” for your 10yo? There are three in the series, all long (: and appropriate for younger readers who read far above grade level. You can probably find some good reviews online. Our kids loved them (and still do – to be honest, I reread the first one last night…).

    The only book I haven't put in the Orthodox Book Page yet is The Law of God. I need to do that…


  3. I feel sheepish not to have thought of keeping and re-purposing the coloring books as a synaxarion. What a wonderful idea.

    re: “The Mysterious Benedict Society” – this sounds like exactly what I was hoping to find for my daughter.

    I looked it up on Amazon and discovered there's a fourth book, “The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict” that serves as a prequel to the series. Best of all, our local library has all four books, so there's no delayed gratification in waiting for inter-library loan deliveries…

    Thank you so much!

    (another) Elizabeth


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