Happy Mothers’ Day to…

The women with beautiful children, no matter the age. 
This is a glorious day.
The women who have lost a child or children.
This is a painful and memory-filled day.
The women who miscarried one or more babies before birth. 
This is a sorrowful day.
The women who have no living children.
This can be an agonizing day.
The women who courageously carried their children to term and allowed others to raise them.
This is a painful day, but often secretly.
The women who must face every day after having aborted their children. 
The suffering on this day can be acute and often must be suffered in silence.
The women who are still waiting to be mothers.
This day can be a mixture of hope and pain.
The girls and women who have lost their mothers.
This day is a mixture of happy memories and painful reminders.
The girls and women with no mother and no children,
And to all of us.
Because no matter what our situation, our Mother in Heaven is always there, 
listening to us, interceding for us, loving us and caring for us truly as her own children.

Theotokos, joy of all who sorrow

Happy Mother’s Day

8 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day to…

  1. This is beautiful! My husband and I were talking about many of the things you wrote on here. Mother's Day can be a very difficult holiday for many. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Really appreciated this…thank you for such a beautiful and caring acknowledgement that Mother's Day can be very bittersweet sometimes. I hope yours was love-filled and prayer-comforted.


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