Polar Bear Blanket

 The mystery project is finished!! 

I had intended to make a sweet (boring) wide blue and white striped blanket for my new nephew and had actually gotten as far as a white stripe when I showed it to Father. I said it looked remarkably like fur (he said bath mat, but I forgave him) and somehow the idea for a polar bear rug/blanket was born. I hadn’t seen any so this is completely free-crocheted.

 I know the shape isn’t quite right, but gimme a break, it’s close. (c;

Isn’t he cute and inoffensive?

Non-sharp claws.

I crocheted a ‘hood’ underneath the head so it could be used for a hooded blanket.

My not-so-new-and-small son modeling it.

And I’ve folded it up into a nicely inconspicuous square. 
They will have no idea what they are about to open…

20 thoughts on “Polar Bear Blanket

  1. That is amazing! My dd has a lamb blanket like that, and it's one of her favorite things. But it has no hood and isn't homemade, so not quite as cool. 😉 You should write up the pattern and put it on etsy or ravelry! I'm sure I'm not the only one who would buy it!


  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Do you have a vague idea of how you did it? I have a friend who's going to have twin boys and I have to come up with something to make them… I thought I'd probably end up making teddy bears – but this is so much cuter!!! What yarn did you use? I just LOVE it!!


  3. Thanks ladies. (:

    Nonna, I used Bernat Pipsqueak yarn in white and just misc. yarn I had lying around for the eyes, teeth and claws. I can email you and give you an idea of how I made it.


  4. Sharon, I haven't written a pattern. This was totally made up as I went along and I didn't take notes. A lot of things I make like this. I think of it a little as sculpting with yarn. I promise that if I ever write a pattern I will post it prominently!


  5. I thought I might try to copy your pictures.
    Would you mind giving me some pointers?
    i.e. How many balls of the Pipsqueak yarn did you use?
    The paws & head look thicker, did you add a layer?
    Also, the nose bridge looks rounded, more 3-dimensional.
    How did you achieve that?
    Thank you,


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