Holy Protection Monastery Retreat in Pictures

Boarded in New Orleans, waiting to leave the gate.

You can see the Atlanta high-rises just above the center.

It was rainy in spots over Philadelphia and there was a low cloud ceiling, so no decent pictures.


Sunrise after I arrived.

My little space.


St. George in Taylor, PA. There are TWO myrrh-streaming icons of the Theotokos. More on that later.

The guesthouse at the monastery.

The monastery proper.

Spring. You can see one of the workshops to the left. (More pictures of monastery grounds here.)

I went up to the top of the mountain where they have a large cross. There is a boulder there with carved graffiti from the 1800’s.

The view of the monastery from the cross.

A tiny chapel (child-sized) of St.Oraiozili.

St. Oraiozili (She shares a feast with St. Paraskevi, July 25.)

The cemetery.

I was surprised by a genuine PA groundhog as I went toward St. Seraphim’s chapel.

Interior of St. Seraphim’s chapel. A relic of St. Seraphim’s epitrachelion is on the left.

Bells on the chapel of St. Paraskevi and the quarter moon.

Holy Protection of the Theotokos. The apse of the monastery church.

Altar of the same.

View toward nave. (More pictures here.)

My ride back to Philadelphia. (:

Philadelphia City Hall

Heading from Philly to Dallas-Ft. Worth

Crossing the Mississippi River (for the first time that day…)

Waiting at DFW.

Sun setting over Texas.

The lights near New Orleans on the Mississippi.

More to come! Just wanted to go ahead and do a visual first.

3 thoughts on “Holy Protection Monastery Retreat in Pictures

  1. I look forward to the narrative that accompanies these images. The monastery looks so lovely — what a great place for a retreat.

    (another) Elizabeth


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