“For I shall arise…”

There was a lovely breeze – but of course, all the candles blew out.

They were relit in the candle stands after the procession.

(Ribby standing in the choir)

(Flopsy and Duchess)

(Pickles – who was fantastically behaved)

Blessing baskets

That expression on Ginger’s face makes it look like there are snakes in the basket instead of eggs.

Our brownie kulich with a lit candle in it

4 thoughts on “Pascha

  1. Thanks, Em!

    Mat. Emily, it was merely two boxes of ordinary brownie mix made the usual way. We filled a coffee can (not the gigantic size but the medium size) to within an inch of the top (but should have stopped about 2 inches from the top in retrospect) and baked it at 300 for between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. The center stayed a little more moist than one usually likes brownies to be, but it is within acceptable limits. The glaze is just the typical confectioners sugar glaze. I really coated the inside of the can with Crisco and when it was done used a can opener to take the bottom off. Then the whole thing just slid right out without any problems.


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