The last days

Heading into the end of Holy Week there won’t be much in the way of posting. For one, it’s too busy, for another, things are hard to put into words. My heart is full this year: Innocent’s burial on the 13th this year falls on Holy Friday and I will be singing “Do not lament Me, O Mother, seeing Me in the grave…” on that anniversary. The first year is probably the hardest. Thank you, by the way, to those who commented on his letter and who sent emails remembering Innocent on his birthday. That means a lot. I know the world in general tends to forget or to think that one is “over it”, but that isn’t the case.

Last night we had the service of Holy Unction at the end of Bridegroom Matins. My soul has so many wounds I was very grateful to be anointed. After that service Father anointed those who wished with myrrh from the myrrh-streaming icon of the Theotokos from Hawaii. I have been walking and sleeping in the midst of the smell of roses ever since. Through the prayers of the Theotokos!

In case I don’t get to post again, I wish all of you a blessed and holy next few days. I’m sure I will pop on to say “Christ is Risen!” on Pascha though.

2 thoughts on “The last days

  1. I think it will be especially poignant to have this anniversary on Holy Friday indeed. Know you have my prayers and love. May Innocent's Memory be Eternal and may it be a Blessed Holy Friday, Holy Saturday, and Pascha for all of your family.

    Holy Unction is such a needed service for me every year.


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